Membership - Monthly

What You're Getting...

  • 8 LIVE meditation calls per month with inquiry facilitations
  • 1 LIVE Monthly Inquiry Circle (2 hr workshop)
  • Library of on-demand practices including Tantrik Hatha Yoga, Embodied Inquiry, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama (breath work), recorded meditation calls, and more
  • A library of written content (yogic philosophy, intimate relating practices, etc)
  • Access to private Samarasa Online Community for connection with other members
  • Discounts on coaching, courses + retreats

What people are saying...

"I have been forever changed because of Samarasa. I am filled with gratitude that Nick and Susan welcomed me into this community with open arms."


Ruby Goldin, USA

"Samarasa has been the most significant catalyst to my spiritual growth. I could never say enough thank you’s to all the beautiful humans that make Samarasa what it is. Thank you. Thank you all. "


Anna Cantwell, USA

"I know that someday I’ll look back at my time here at Samarasa and know that it was important, lucky and special. These are the good ol' days."


Lucy Wilson, USA