SAMARASA Membership

Embody + Integrate

Our membership is an online space for continued support, connection and practice in community.

Group meditations and discussions will help you meet yourself with honest eyes and a forgiving heart so that you can bring that same authenticity and intimacy into your relationships with others. Are you ready to begin the journey back home to your truest nature?

Let's Keep Going

Relationships are the fast track to enlightenment!

Authentic relating helps us to polish our own edges, to show us where we’re still getting hung up, where we’re still not free. It’s normal for that to feel scary, vulnerable or tiring. You have support here. You don’t have to do it alone. 

Membership holds us accountable. It’s a commitment we make to ourselves and to our fellow community members to keep showing up. In one of my meditation classes last week, one of the participants shared that he noticed he truly feels more connected to the community the more he gives of himself. It’s the same with practices like yoga + meditation. You actually have to participate for them to work. Consistent practice is they key to unlocking our inherent resiliency.

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What's Included in Membership


  • 8 LIVE calls per month - each call includes a guided meditation and live group inquiry facilitations
  • 1 LIVE Monthly Inquiry Circle (2 hr workshop)
  • Library of Embodied Inquiry and Tantrik Hatha Yoga Videos
  • Library of meditations and inquiry facilitations
  • Library of written content (yogic philosophy, intimate relating practices, etc)
  • Access to Samarasa’s Private Online Community
  • 10% discount on all offerings

Here’s what our members are saying...

"This Samarasa community has been a home, a job, a space of inspiration and a space where I feel safe to explore the depths of who I am… This is a community built in love, truth and compassion and I am grateful for every minute spent exploring the vastness of the human experience with each other. I am grateful for the stories, the jokes, the laughter and the tears. My life will never be the same. The impact this community has made will forever reverberate in my heart."


Garrison Lambert, Los Angeles, USA

"The Samarasa community is a place of expanding bodies of light. A place where everyone is welcome. A special place that means something different to everybody. For me it is a place where I finally feel alive and at home. Where I feel free and supported. Where I am pushed in the most uplifting of ways. I found an authentic community here. I’ve had real talks. Found real truths. Have had amazing experiences. I hold the memories I’ve made here in esteem as I move through the rest of my life."


Genna Messmer, North Carolina, USA

"A Love Letter to the Samarasa Community...
Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, for trusting me, for having my back and for always leading with your heart. I don’t think my words can capture or do much justice for how I feel about you, all I know is that once I became a part of the Samarasa community, I felt like I was finally home…"


Eileen Crowe, Los Angeles, USA

Inside the Membership:

Meditation + Discussion

Meditation + Inquiry Calls
(Live + On Demand)

Each session is 1 hour and consists of a 10-20 minute guided meditation, followed by Susan facilitating attendees through inquiry sessions, questioning "one belief at a time". Come to a call with a thought you're ready to question, or just observe and support your fellow community members in their inquiry. These classes provide an opportunity to meet your people, question your thoughts in the safe space of community, and take your practice deeper with the support of a group. I’d love to meet you! 

Every time you sit, even if it’s just for a few minutes, it matters. Link to join will be sent out upon registration.

Commit to a regular practice and watch your life transform.

Monthly Inquiry Circle (Live)

In this monthly workshop, you'll receive support in identifying your stressful thoughts, writing them down and questioning them. The Work puts us directly in touch with our own inherent wisdom, clarity and equanimity. All it takes is an open mind.

Monthly Inquiry Circle

Embodied Inquiry (On Demand)

Embodied Inquiry

Embodied inquiry is a tool to witness habitual patterns, thoughts, identifications and stories while simultaneously feeling the energy of these thoughts and emotions in the body. This practice leads to a deep integration of the Body/mind, an expanded level of awareness, a compassion for self and a sensitivity/intimacy with self.

You’ll find a variety of Embodied Inquiry classes in the online library. While each class may be structured very similarly to many yoga classes, these classes orient more towards noticing the relationship to the postures as opposed to the outcome of the postures themselves.

Yoga is a practice in intimacy. May this online community be a place for us to practice together so that we may grow beyond what we ever could alone.

In Love,