Self-inquiry + Social Action

Coming February 2021

When my students say they want to change the world, I espouse an inward to outward movement. If you feel that you can’t do shit about your own reality, how can you really think you could change the world? And guess what? When you’re fucked-up and you lead the revolution, you are probably going to get a pretty fucked-up revolution.

- bell hooks

Who is it for...

This course is for spiritual seekers interested in grounding their spirituality in right action.

This course is for social activists who face bewilderment, cynicism, apathy and burnout yet still believe that a shift in collective consciousness is possible. You are ready to start that shift within yourself as a change agent.

It seems that everybody thinks they have the answers to solving the world's political divide. But we are stuck as a society not for a lack of having answers, but because we aren't asking the right questions. So bring to this course your willingness to question common assumptions shared by both sides.

The purchase of this course grants you access to its supplemental online community. Journey through this course with the support of past, present and future participants together.

What You'll Learn...

The process of self-inquiry - in a more traditional yogic philosophy context as well as Byron Katie’s method of self-inquiry known as The Work

The hidden narratives underlying our social, economic, and political systems

How to move beyond the trap of war mentality

The power of self-inquiry and its role in creating personal/social/political transformation

How to use self-inquiry as a way to discover your role and your right action

A new story can transform the (your) entire world. That whole new world is possible. And it starts with you.

Investment: $75

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