Samarasa’s Online Discussion Community: Practicing The Skill of Peace

Practicing conscious communication and dialogue with someone who holds a very different opinion than me has proven to be quite a challenge these days. 

And everywhere I turn online, conversations only seem to be getting more divisive and polarized. It’s antithetical to what most of us humans are actually craving deep down - connection, understanding and a sense of belonging.  

This online community is meant to be an opportunity for us to come together and share, express ideas/beliefs/opinions/joys + fears honestly and consciously. To remember we are not alone. It is also meant to support the practice of listening. 

Socio-poltical moments like the one we’re living now offer us a huge opportunity to decide how we want to participate in this global conversation. If you happen to be in a moment of choosing engagement but feel totally lost about how to start, here’s a good first step. It will take a retraining of the way we communicate -  with ourselves and one another. This is one of the values and functions of a healthy community.  And even the communities built with the most solid foundations will eventually at one point or another begin to reflect the divisions of the larger world.

I propose the following intentions for Samarasa’s Online Discussion Community as taken from

Charles Eisentstein’s community experiment.

His invitation is to allow these “open-sourced” principles to be at the forefront of our current online discourse… to be taken, copied, adapted, evolved upon or modified to fit the needs of any specific community. I think it’s a great place to start. 

To express anger without diverting it into hate

To hold grief without diverting it into pity

To interpret each other’s words generously

To let go of being right and seeming smart

To value each person’s unique window on the world

To be willing to see each other fully, shadow and gold

To be willing to be truly seen ourselves

Peace is a practice. May this online community be a place for us to practice together so that we may grow beyond what we ever could alone.

In Love,