On Demand INTRO OFFER - Embodied Inquiry & MEDITATION + DISCUSSION ClassES

What You're Getting...

4 x Individual Embodied Inquiry Recorded Class (75min)

  • Moderate Flow with Gentle Breath Retentions
  • Solar Ladder Flow
  • Strength + Softness
  • Why are We "Noticing"?

4 x Individual Meditation + Discussion Recorded Class (60min)

  • Inner + Outer Modulation
  • Sitting with Fear
  • The Innocent Mind
  • Self-love, Intimacy + Sex

Transformation begins now!

What people are saying...

"The specific practice was instrumental in providing a safe place to practice vulnerability... and an overall softening to life. I am light, and open to where these practices will continue to inform and transform my life and connection to the people I encounter."


Chelsey Mulnix, USA

"This practice has been life-changing! I am eternally grateful to Susan! My practice now includes living a life of vulnerability which helps me let go of fear, guilt, and shame."


Kerri Heintz, USA

"Yoga is now a major pursuit in my life because of Susan. To this day, I carry her words of wisdom deep in my heart and I could always feel her loving presence no matter if I am on the mat or off in the world. I sincerely hope that more people can have the means to benefit from Susan's teachings - for she is truly a master of yoga alchemy. "


Jacky Li, China