Yoga, Sex + Death Testimonials

This course has been life-changing! I am eternally grateful to Susan for this course!

When I walked into the yoga studio and first met Susan I intuitively knew I would be transformed by the class she had so diligently prepared to teach. I confess I was nervous in the beginning as I am a generation older than Susan and most of the other participants that were in the class. With the help of Susan’s gracious and nurturing spirit she provided a safe haven among our class which allowed us to become comfortable with the vulnerability of sharing our lives, laughter and tears. I have been studying alternative healing modalities for most of my life and I was surprised to discover yoga as another way to heal the body, mind and spirit. Susan taught the anatomy of the energetic body with the same precision I learned in other healing classes. She was delicately balanced in presenting some of the sensitive material in such a way that I never felt uncomfortable. The information she shared with us, including the asanas was transformative. I left each class wanting more. I have attended many healing classes but never one that allowed me to experience healing in my own body through movement, breathing exercises and meditations so profoundly. Susan has created a very cost efficient class that includes gaining new aspects of transforming your life and opening your mind to unfathomable possibilities. — Gilda Campbell


My experience in Susan’s workshop, Sacred Sexuality, was like no other workshop I had ever attended.  I had no expectations going into it, other than to let go and unconditionally open myself up to aspects of my yoga practice I had never explored. I am a yoga teacher and student and have attended many workshops over the years, but I have to say that this one was, by far, the most rewarding.  The 6 week (2.5 hours, twice a week) was a wonderful format. It gave those of us who attended an opportunity to get to know each other while submerging ourselves in the teachings so that we gained a momentum that had us all glowing, inspired and more wholehearted by the end of the 6 weeks.  None of us wanted it to end!  Susan is a rare jewel – the kind of teacher you come across only a few times in your life, if you’re lucky.  She has the rare ability to teach to all levels while cultivating a deep connection with each student.  I learned so much without ever feeling overwhelmed and always left each class feeling happy, inspired, and deeply grateful. The whole experience was life changing!  Thank you, Susan for blessing us with the opportunity to dig deeper and supporting us while we explore what lies beneath.  You are a gift. — Amy Foreman


This six week yoga series was a beautiful spiritual gift. I am a 67 year-old practicing Catholic and somewhat progressive. I have some experience with yoga but I am basically a novice. I signed up for the session because I wanted to take a fresh look at my life and the world around me and to learn more about yoga. I wasn’t sure what to expect, given the title of the workshop, but I trust Sue and believed the time with her would be enlightening. I loved the workshop. The weeks flew by as we delved deeper and deeper into the material. It opened my eyes to so many things about myself and the world around me. I loved the format – 1 hour lecture and 1 hour practice. Sue is amazing. She has an exceptional ability to take a ton of information and make it digestible so that it became something that we could embrace and understand. I felt like we “hung” on every word waiting for the next tidbit. As a bonus, I got to know seven beautiful women and now I have a new yoga family. Many thanks to Sue for making it possible. Overall, a fantastic experience!! — Athena Sweeney


Words do not encapsulate how much I benefited from the Yoga, Sex + Death course I participated in with Susan.  My perspective on life has changed in every aspect for the better, and I am more aware of who I am as opposed to flying through life as a chain of reactions to my environment.  I had some reservations on time commitment due to my job and family, but I am so thankful I overcame my excuses to participate in her course. I ended the six weeks renewed, enlightened and rich with friendship. I feel as though this class should be a prerequisite to life.– Roxie Benatar


Taking Susan’s series Yoga, Sex + Death was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her knowledge of yoga practice and philosophy is mind blowing! Her enthusiasm and passion radiates in each lesson/practice. She truly is a beautiful woman inside and out. I feel she really connected with each and every one of us. I left this course with a greater acceptance of myself as well as others and a deeper understanding of the world around me. Susan and this series had an incredible impact on me and I am so grateful I took the leap! — Kara Skinner


“When you’re connected to awareness, you have the capacity to choose.” This course awakened awareness on so many levels and taught me the power of opening into true femininity. It connected me to my Self – through body and emotions, feeling into feelings and allowing them, then learning to let them flow. The practice gave me power and permission to speak in my authentic voice – at first in the sacred space of the group, then bubbling over into my relationships with family, friends and potential lovers. Learning the roles of Shakti and Shiva also woke me to a whole new way of being. Every class revealed a new insight, a new light bulb, a new aha moment, and it was a joy to be present to Susan’s radiant light and guidance. Not for the faint of heart – you will feel your feelings – but if you are ripe for heightened awareness and seeking ANYTHING new, you will likely find it here. The best part is knowing at the end of the course that the journey has just begun! — Anne-Marie Corley


Gratitude is the pervasive feeling I have been left with after taking this course– becoming a co- creator for a space which held so much and held my emotions through an intense few weeks was an invaluable experience. I am exhausted– but am celebrating how raw and open I feel. The course brought my intentions for self awareness to life in ways I couldn’t have predicted— I am now painfully and lovingly aware of the grieving I have left to resolve but am doing so with patience, self kindness, and joy by practicing vulnerability as I can, when I can. The specific group energy and presence were instrumental in this and provided a safe place to practice vulnerability in my interpersonal interactions and an overall softening to life. I am left with a shared experience that is completely my own– I am light, and open to where these practices will continue to inform and transform my life and connection to the people I encounter.– Chelsey Mulnix


Taking this 6-wk course with Susan Marrufo began with my intention to explore my sensuality.  Her teachings led to increased self-awareness through the notion of surrender and enhanced my ongoing journey to practice loving-kindness and compassion and to share my authentic voice. Susan helped our group of women connect in a profound way, to cherish our feminine nature, and to let our inner Shakti shine. Susan was very tender, and yet strong, in holding space for us to discover aspects of ourselves that we had not already been aware of. One of the bigger surprises for me was the notion of connecting surrender to: death, letting go of old patterns, and letting go with a partner. I would whole-heartedly recommend this course to individuals interested in learning more than just the polarity of feminine and masculine energy, but in re-connecting with and expressing your authentic self. –Stephanie


Tantra can be a mystical, spiritual, yet often misunderstood and distorted practice in Western culture. Thankfully, Susan Marrufo brings her extensive background of esoteric tantric philosophy to dispel these myths and explore the sacred, sensuous dance of Shakti and Shiva as a path to improved intimacy with self and others. With her articulate, thoughtful teaching style, she created and held safe space during this transformative 6-week experience that included asanas, pranayama, excellent support reading materials, meditation, lecture, and plenty of time for class discussion and processing. Consequently, I have a better understanding of how to open energy centers (chakras) as well as utilize tantric practices for personal healing and spiritual enhancement. I highly recommend this course! — Britt J. Ellis


The workshop and the work I’m doing with Susan have enlightened and opened me up in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I was so attached to stories about my past that truly no longer served me and no longer matched the woman I am today. The coursework and yoga practice (while it’s work) has been a beautiful journey. I feel like I’m walking around with all this love in my heart when it used to be all this energy that was stored in a much lower place. I feel an ability to love without attachment and am now able to let go of old stories that no longer serve me. Before this workshop I was living in my head too much and worrying about things that weren’t real – just manifestations of my mind. This course gave me skills to work through that. This course has been life-changing! I am eternally grateful to Susan for this course! My practice now includes living a life of vulnerability which helps me let go of fear, guilt, and shame. — Kerri Heintz


I would suggest this Tantra course for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of yogic teachings and how we relate them to ourselves and learn to connect on a higher level. Susan brings a unique background of authentic teaching that speaks to my desire for authenticity. Her study in Thailand and elsewhere adds richness and depth. Susan shares these eastern teachings in a way our western minds can relate to. — Tonia Biggs


This Sacred Sexuality course was an amazing, transformative experience for me. Did not know what to expect but taking the first step to attend and then love all of the wonderful women taking the course with me was something that seemed to just be part of my path. The bond between all of us was so strong. It’s so funny, we think we are the only ones going through whatever it is we are. The truth is, we all go through the same things, the experience is different. I found power within myself thanks to this course. The course ends but the search for truth barely begins… — Ana C. Jones