The Great Undoing

Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.”


The Great Undoing: You Are Not Who You THINK You Are

With Jovinna Chan

To live fully is to die to everything you THINK you are…and also everything others THINK you are.  How do we break away from living in the tower of thought that is shaped by society standards, cultural beliefs and a long todo list and live instead in the field of being that is infused with unlimited potentials, creativity and spontaneity?
This is a dynamic physical, emotional and mental detox using practices from Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Dance, and Embodied Inquiry to strip away any false sense of identity and return to a raw sense of being.  This experiential intensive offers an opportunity to pause from your usual pattern, participate whole-heartedly in the field of spiritual practice, and to realign with the sense of SELF that is beyond words.
Enrollment in this urban retreat includes a day of juice cleanse for the duration of the Saturday portion. Six organic juices are included in your tuition and will be provided upon your arrival Saturday morning. One day of juice-cleansing can detoxify the body, give partial rest to the digestive system, and replenish your body with fresh, clean nutrients.
Take this rare opportunity to disconnect from external distraction; to dive deeply within and emerge refreshed and renewed.
For all levels.  Bring your journal.
Please read this requirement before you sign up for this workshop.  
When you arrive and register on Saturday morning, you will surrender your car keys and cell phone to the staff for the rest of the day.  You will pick them up when we are done at 7pm that day.  Please make sure you have cleared all of your commitments so that you don’t need to leave the studio or make any calls/or check emails on Saturday (unless there is an emergency). You are welcome to give the phone number of the front desk to those who may need to reach you in an emergency.

A Weekend Intensive:

November 10-11

Saturday, 8am to 7pm

Sunday, 10am to 1pm


Click here to watch a sample of Jovinna’s movement practice in the Samarasa space.


Early bird $195 through October 26th

Regular price $225

Note that 50% of the price is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. 

About Jovinna

Jovinna Chan, E-RYT 500, leads transformational programs around the world to explore human potential in mindfulness living, creativity and love through Conscious Dance, Yoga, and Meditation. Born and raised in a village in Singapore, she continues to infuse her life and work with a sense of reverence and awe that she learned from the temples and forests that surrounded her home.

Jovinna spent eleven years in NYC as a Performing Artist and six years in studying Shotakan Karate. She has served as the Assistant Dean, 200-and 500-hour teacher trainer for the Kripalu School of Yoga and is currently a faculty member of Pranotthan School of Yoga and the co-director of the year-long Acharya Intensive program. In recent years, Jovinna co-founded Shakti Initiation Yoga Leadership School and A Wild Life Sanctuary™. She is a certified Soul Motion™ and LetYourYogaDance Teacher.