Prem Baba

Only when you open yourself up can the universe reveal its mysteries.

Sri Prem Baba

Helpful links to stay connected to the Awaken Love movement:

1) Sign up for news, Flower of the Day (Short daily teaching), and event announcements including Global Talks (once per month discourse).

2) Find information on monthly global talks at Samarasa here.

3) This Exists (a movie available on YouTube about Babaji’s life which has now been seen more than 500,000 times).

4) Stay connected on Facebook.

5) Archive of Past Satsangs (an audio collection of talks Sri Prem Baba has given over the past few years in various places and on a wide variety of themes).

6) Official Site of the Awaken Love Movement (A movement which seeks to anchor a new way of living life through individual self-knowledge and humanitarian and social action, of which Sri Prem Baba is the founder):

7) A Youtube playlist of satsangs created for people to get better acquainted. Beyond this playlist, you will discover that there are many other videos available.

Sri Prem Baba’s upcoming plans

1) India Season 2018: If you wish to meet Sri Prem Baba, he will be offering daily satsangs (discourses) in Rishikesh, India from January 31st until March 15th. Additionally yoga, meditation and kirtan will be offered in Sachcha Dham Ashram daily.

2) Brazil Season 2018: After India, Sri Prem Baba will offer a second season of daily satsangs in Alto Paraiso, Brazil. On his website, you can find a calendar on which his plans for 2018 will be update.

3) Monthly Global Talks: Whether you are able to travel to be with Sri Prem Baba physically or not, you have the option to follow his teachings online through monthly global talks. You can find the link on his website.


Ways to get more involved

1) You can offer your gifts and talents in form of seva (selfless service) to the organization (please learn more here).

2) You can support the work and the Awaken Love movement with your generous donation. All contributions to support this movement to grow and flourish are welcome.

3) You can read Prem Baba’s English book, From Suffering to Joy

His other books currently exist only in Portuguese and we look forward to their English release in the future.

4) You can join the one-day Awaken Love Through Self-Knowledge workshop held here at Samarasa in September 2018. Learn more here

If you wish to receive more information or register please write to