Prem Baba + Awaken Love

Love Brought Me Here...

Sri Prem Baba

On Sept. 4th, 2017, Samarasa Center welcomed humanitarian and spiritual master Sri Prem Baba as he bestowed a special blessing of abundance, prosperity and grace. This blessing marked the birth of Samarasa Center into the physical world. He shared a prayer of support for the people of Los Angeles and all those committed to awakening love in all beings.

Samarasa Center would never have manifested if it weren’t for the love, teaching, support and guidance (seen and unseen) of this Being over the years. It was a deeply moving and healing experience to welcome him here in my home country after spending so many years of sitting with him in India. The message is clear – the time for love is now and we are ready!

Our intention is to be a home for Prem Baba and his teachings in Los Angeles. We will gather together in community for his monthly global talks and offer workshops from trained Path of the Heart (Baba’s methodology of psycho-spiritual work) facilitators and maybe, just maybe, welcome Baba himself again in the future.

Samarasa is a place for seekers to come and safely explore the nature of Truth and Love through various modalities – from movement classes to meditation, to study groups to kirtan to guest teachers – and Prem Baba is here holding us all. His light is breathed into the walls.

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In Love,

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