Movement As Medicine

My Body Is My Temple and Asanas Are My Prayers.

B.K.S. Iyengar

Movement As Medicine: Advanced Asana & Injury Series

With Dan Houston

Join Mind Tribes co-founder, Dan Houston, for a movement & injury series that offers tools & frameworks for moving intentionally into advanced postures (Asana) and breath (Pranayama). Using the Mind Tribes methodology, you will receive a series of tools for developing bone health, joint alignment, and fascial mobility to access the postures you’ve been honing on your mat.

Dan will map the anatomical structures and movement patterns necessary for cultivating “pre-habilitation” (when healthy) or rehabilitation (when experiencing an acute or chronic injury or strain). In this manner, your movement becomes medicine and serves as an authentic source for maintaining a pain- and injury-free practice.

Additionally, all participants will receive an additional 3 hours of online Asana coaching via ZOOM following the weekend (details below) and have the opportunity to deeply embody the tools & concepts presented with workshop participants.

Workshop Details


Please email with any inquiries.

Saturday, April 6th

10am – 12:30pm and 2pm to 4:30pm

Sunday, April 7th

10am – 12:30pm


This workshop is most appropriate for intermediate-advance yogi or movement practitioners OR the equivalent of 2 years of practice (minimum). This workshop is especially relevant for movers dealing with acute or chronic injuries, including hip or shoulder complex issues, spinal compression and/or stenosis, knee injury, and wrist or ankle issues.


Coaching Call Details: ZOOM coaching calls will be scheduled during the April training weekend


Full Weekend Price $299

Note that 50% of the price is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. 

About Dan


A full-time mover and student at heart, Dan is known for his ability to blend movement principles with applied anatomy to produce dramatic results for his students. He is committed to empowering his students to adopt a whole-life movement paradigm that provide them access to an individualized, long-term, and pain-free practice.

His commitment as a teacher is to reliably & effectively carry the yogic tradition. On this path, he aims to guide students to be responsible for cultivating their own personal practice, joint & bone health, and energetic awareness & healing.

Dan is the co-founder & co-creator of Mind Tribes (, a yoga-inspired coaching company empowering leaders to transform how they live, work and contribute in the world.