Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training 2020

"This program is not just a teacher training course, it’s a journey of self discovery, acceptance and gratitude. David was born to teach...he captivates the room with his effortless wisdom and makes space for everyone’s voices to be heard. I highly recommend it."

Eve Lewis, Headspace Inc.

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training 2020

With David Nichtern

Training Details

The program is aimed at those who wish to become more skillful in presenting meditation – such as yoga teachers, health care professionals, social workers, psychologists, educators, and fitness trainers. It will also be appropriate for those who simply want to deepen their own practice and understanding.

After successful completion of Levels 1,2,3 and 4, Teacher Trainees will receive a certification of completion from Samarasa to teach meditation classes, lead group practice sessions, and work with individual students within the yoga studio environment or other appropriate contexts.
This program is taught by David Nichtern, who is a senior teacher in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. This tradition combines a contemporary, secular approach to meditation with the ancient practices and philosophies of Tibetan Buddhism.

NEW! We are moving the training to a completely online, live format, so you can participate from your home, anywhere in the world!

Training Overview

Our weekend trainings will be very concentrated. There will be ongoing study and practice requirements between each level for those who continue to Levels 2, 3 & 4 and who opt to take the full 100-hour certification from Samarasa.

See below for 2020 training dates and details.

Cost for full training:  $1,695

Payment plans available. Email info@samarasacenter.com for more information.

In addition to the 4 weekends of training, registration for the full 100-hour certification includes entrance to Friday night Creativity, Spirituality, & Making A Buck discussions with David Nichtern + guests, certification manual, supplemental materials, and individualized support between weekends and throughout the training.

Note that 50% of the price is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Level 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

+ The Path of Meditation

April 24-26

Friday  7-9p – Creativity, Spirituality, + Making A Buck!
Saturday  9a – 5p
Sunday  9a – 5p

Level 1 Only Cost: $275

Level 1 can be taken as a stand alone workshop. It is required for but not limited to Teacher Trainees. Open to all.

  1. Learn the foundations of meditation practice.
  2. Understand and experience the benefits of meditation.
  3. Overview of the Buddhist path and stages of practice.
  4. Move toward helping others with their meditation practice and personal journey.

Level 2: Guiding Groups 

May 15-17

Friday 2-5p – Module 1 – The Science of Mindfulness (Participation in 2 out of the 3 modules required for certification.)

Friday  7-9p
Saturday  9a – 5p
Sunday  9a – 5p

  1. Continue to deepen and extend your practice and study.
  2. Develop clarity and communication skills for presenting meditation to others in a group setting.
  3. Intensive breakout sessions in which you will be giving talks in a group setting and receiving feedback from the Teachers and other Teacher Trainees.

Level 3: Providing Personal Instruction

June 12-14

Friday 2-5p – Module 2 – Trauma-informed Mindfulness (Participation in 2 out of the 3 modules required for certification.)

Friday  7-9p
Saturday  9a – 5p
Sunday  9a – 5p

  1. Continue to deepen and extend your practice and study.
  2. Learn to work with presenting meditation in a one-to-one setting.
  3. Intensive breakout sessions in which you will practice giving personal meditation instruction and receiving feedback from the Teachers and other Teacher Trainees.

Level 4: Sealing The Practice

July 17-19

Friday 2-5p – Module 3 – The Business of Mindfulness (Participation in 2 out of the 3 modules required for certification.)

Friday  7-9p
Saturday  9a – 5p
Sunday  9a – 5p

  1. Practice Teaching Sessions
  2. Final Teaching Presentation
  3. Final Exam
  4. Graduation Ceremony

About David

David has been the Director of Karme Choling Meditation Center in Vermont (USA), Director of Buddhist Studies and Practice at OM Yoga Center (NYC), and Director of the Dharmadhatu Meditation Center in Los Angeles. He teaches meditation workshops and teacher training programs around the world and online, and also mentors individual students in person and via Skype.

He is known for his ability to present the richness and depth of the Buddhist tradition with a light touch, making it accessible and relevant. He created a weekly live broadcast available on YouTube and has online workshops available through creativeLIVE.com. His book “Awakening From The Daydream – Reimagining The Buddha’s Wheel of Life” was released by Wisdom Publications in October 2016.

David is also an Emmy winning, Grammy nominated composer, guitarist and producer. He is the composer of the classic song “Midnight at the Oasis” and has worked with a diverse range of artists including Christopher Guest, Maria Muldaur, Paul Simon, Lana Del Rey, Stevie Wonder, Krishna Das, Jerry Garcia and many others.

David’s Podcast

About Jenny

Assistant Director

Jenny Hannah offers alignment through mind-body communication. She is a meditation and yoga instructor, psychotherapist, art therapist, and group facilitator. Valued for her extensive trainings of psychology, the body, and Art, her holistic practice is potent and multi-faceted. She invites shadow aspects of individual and collective dynamics as teaching tools, encouraging personal and community growth through mindfulness awareness and inquiry. Jenny has a refined ability to weave complex themes into both verbal and non-verbal modalities, synthesizing direct experience through the process of communication, art,  and movement. Her approach is one of exploration and creativity, sealed with evidence based modalities.

By day, Jenny teaches Expressive Arts and offers counseling to college students at University of the West, a school based in Buddhist Principles. In addition to her own practice in relational art, she works at Coldwater Counseling, a Jungian psychology based center offering depth oriented approaches to therapy. Jenny has studied deeply and has been highly engaged with studies and practices of Buddhism for over ten years.