Mindful Living Mentorship

That was the day she promised to live more from intention and less from habit.

Amy Rubin Flett

Mindful Living Mentorship

With Anna Cantwell

Over 7 weeks, I coach you through designing your life in such a way that it works. We’ll integrate tools & practices like meditation, yoga, & language precision, to create your most mindful & fulfilling lifestyle. Show up for consistency with the support of community & accountability.

Expect lasting transformation with a fun group of goal-getters.

Meetings begin March 29th, 5-6pm every Sunday through May 17th, and will take place completely online, via Zoom.

Attendance at all sessions is required.

$59 for 49 days of encouragement, support, and mentorship.
Member discounts apply

Workshop Details


Sundays 5-6p
April 5 – May 24

Mentorship only: $59

Note that 50% of the price is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.


Mindful Living Mentee Testimonials:

“Self-love actually happened. I thought mindfulness would help me just tick off the to-do list–but instead it made me feel like a joyful contributor. I feel less anxiety and more able to jump into things. This sh*t works!”

“This mentorship was the most life-changing, life-affirming and transformative seven weeks that I have ever experienced.  I came in not really knowing what to expect, thinking I’d “give this mindfulness thing a try”, and I was blown away. The course was personalized and general, a perfect blend of connecting with the group and connecting with myself.  The group was so supportive, loving, kind.  I couldn’t have asked for a more cathartic, metamorphic experience.  Anna, you changed my life.  This course changed my life.  I will take this course again and again and again until either you die or I do, Anna.”

“Mindful living mentorship is amazing! From start to finish, Anna is there with you every step of the way. Connecting, guiding and listening. She creates a space where you  feel open and safe to share. The environment mixed with group dialogue and wonderful accountability partners helped me form a solid routine, practice discipline and hold myself accountable. I love mindful living mentorship and will be taking it again!”
Anna Cantwell

About Anna

The quiet solitude of yoga enthralled Anna from a young age, and Anna celebrates and explores many types of yoga. While teaching high school in Houston and receiving her Master’s degree, she fell in love with Baptiste yoga and practiced daily to relieve mental stress and physical tension. Forrest yoga was her next discovery, and it provided immense physical and emotional healing for her. She found that the alignment-focused, breath-based, build-your- own-heat practice was both challenging and rewarding.

Through a connection at her school, she discovered a Forrest training specifically catered to school teachers, and with that came a radical shift. Seeing her fellow teachers struggle under stress, she relocated to Los Angeles to teach yoga and bring the joy and peace of yoga to local schools.