Love says, “I am everything.” Wisdom says, “I am nothing.” Between the two, my life flows.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Kirtan with Puja

Come join us for a bhakti celebration with Puja Titchkosky every last Friday of the month. Kirtan is a devotional practice of call and response chanting. Surrender to the song of the soul! Donation-based. All are welcome.

Next Kirtan – February 23rd
7:30pm to 9:00pm
This gathering also celebrates Puja’s first album release:
‘Heart Full of Light’!

Please contact for inquiries.

Prem Baba Sangha Gathering

Samarasa hosts this free monthly gathering for anyone interested in learning more about Prem Baba or wishing to join a community dedicated to awakening love in all beings. All are welcome.

Next Sangha Gathering – February 25th
Gathering begins at 1:30pm

Each sangha gathering is followed by a group meditation and sharing.
Please contact for inquiries.

The Byron Katie “Work” Group

We come together regularly to do the work of Byron Katie – questioning the thoughts that cause us suffering in order to experience the peace of a mind at rest. A simple system of self-inquiry. 4 questions and a turn-around. Come do The Work with us!

Next Meeting – February 24th

This offering is by donation.