Love says, “I am everything.” Wisdom says, “I am nothing.” Between the two, my life flows.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

5Rhythms® Dance Meditation with Daniela Peltekova

Through the magical power of freeform dance as spiritual practice and the body as a fine instrument, within the container and guidance of the 5Rhythms®, we explore the depth of ourselves as authentic, emotional beings. Creative movement and dance allow for the healing electricity of life force to flow through the veins, energize the bones and relax the muscles. We surrender all stress, open up to what is present and follow the gateways to intuition and inspiration.

The 5Rhythms® is a freeform dynamic movement-based practice, created by Gabrielle Roth. Dance, spontaneous and original within every body, is the medium and the medicine in the 5Rhythms® practice. There are no right or wrong moves, no choreography or steps. The 5Rhythms® practice is designed for everybody, regardless of age, shape or experience. Dress to sweat. (

Next 5Rhythms® – Friday, October 19

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Meditation in Motion with Lucy Wilson

Join us every month for a guided, continuous, moving meditation combining elements of yoga, dance, and improvisational movement. This practice provides the space to consciously strengthen your mind-body relationship, discover your body’s natural movement patterns, and explore the subtle body. All bodies are welcome.

Next Meditation in Motion – Sunday, October 21
12:00pm to 1:15pm

By donation

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Rooftop Kirtan with Michael Hathaway

Join Michael Hathaway and friends on the 4th Sunday of every month at the Samarasa rooftop! We’ll be chanting sacred sanskrit Mantras, singing the various names of the Divine while we watch the sun go down with views of downtown LA and Echo Park. Come sing in community, or just take in the sunset sound healing!

No experience necessary. Song sheets will be provided. Drop-ins welcome.
Suggested donation $20, but all are welcome and any donation is appreciated!

Tulsi Devi – response vocals
Tom Camillo – bass
Christophe Ambrosino – guitar
Liza Simone – percussion
Greg Thiry – hang drum

Next Rooftop Kirtan – October 28 
7:15pm to 8:45pm

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Women’s Circle

Join Anne-Marie Corley and Amanda Boleman for a women’s gathering honoring our original source of knowing: the body. Learn to tune in to the body’s wisdom and get curious about how your body communicates with you. Please feel free to bring a meaningful object for our shared altar (you will get it back at the end of the circle).

Next Women’s Circle – November 4

By donation

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The Byron Katie “Work” Group

We come together regularly to do the work of Byron Katie – questioning the thoughts that cause us suffering in order to experience the peace of a mind at rest. A simple system of self-inquiry. 4 questions and a turn-around. Come do The Work with us!

Saturdays as scheduled.

Next Meeting – TBA

By donation.

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